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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Information


The data that I collect from you via the consultation form, and all the information that I record in our sessions is used solely to give you the best treatment possible.  I record most or all of the information that you verbally give me (as well as what you yourself have filled out on the form) so that I have a clear record of your health issues and all of your signs and symptoms, including any emotional events that may have occurred.  This enables me to keep track of what issues are present and how you progress from week to week.  I may also keep your phone number on my phone in order to contact you if and when necessary.  My phone is password protected, so your data is protected.  If I have ever emailed you, your email may be saved in my email account on gmail.  My email account can only be accessed by myself as it is password protected.

I do not share your data with anyone without your permission.  From time to time I may meet with a mentor to go over client notes and treatments to see where I may improve the diagnosis and treatments that I am giving you.  If I would like to use your notes in a mentoring session, I will ask your permission before doing so.  You have the right to refuse. 


I will keep your paper notes for seven years as is required by law, but unless I have reason to shred your notes, I will keep them as long as I am in practice in Oxfordshire.  This will enable me to easily treat you if you decide to come back after a long period of time.  Your notes are kept in a locked filing cabinet at my house, unless they are in transit to the clinic, when they will be with me at all times, in a portable folder.  As for your phone number, I will only keep this in my phone while you are a current client of mine, or for  up to six months after your last session as it is not always clear when the last session occurs.  As for your email being stored in my gmail account, this is something that gmail automatically remembers, so it will stay there as long as I have that account.  If you would like me to delete this, please just let me know.

As you know I run an acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine clinic, based from the Wellbeing Clinic.  I collect data from you (this is everything that I write down on the consultation sheet, and potentially your email address and telephone number electronically as explained above) via the lawful basis of consent.  If at any point you would like to see the data I hold about you (i.e. copies of your consultation form and subsequent notes), I can easily scan these in and email them to you, or photocopy them.  I can do this within a few days.  If you would like me to delete your notes, I can do this after 7 years of holding them (as I am bound to do by law). You have the write to ask me not to record certain information, and I will happily not record anything you don’t want me to.  If you find that any of your details are incorrect, or if you have details that need updating, you just need to tell me and I will make the necessary corrections.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you are concerned about how I handle your information.  Their phone number is 0303 123 1113.

Lucy Arad MSc BSc

Member of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine

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