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Depression & Joint Pain


The knee pain (pain on flexing) disappeared after just one session.


The finger pain (painful on extending and flexing) took much longer to treat but is now very slightly painful on flexing but I can live with this and will not have the operation for a torn muscle as prescribed by a Western doctor prior to being treated by Lucy.


The treatment of the depression took more sessions and although less tangible initially, the questioning about how I had been feeling and reacting in between sessions really highlighted to me how effective the treatment was being at the time.  I have continued to use ear seeds after my last session with Lucy, to great success and I can honestly say that I feel like a new person and can not remember a time that I have felt this content.  I do not experience the dramatic mood swings that I have experienced pretty much all my life and even though I know that it will be something that I will need to continue to work on and have repeat sessions in the future, I really feel that I can say goodbye to what has been the bane of my life since I can remember.


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lucy.  She did a great job talking me through my options.  On top of the success of the treatments, the manner in which Lucy approached the treatment was totally professional and inspired absolute confidence in me.  She spent time getting to know me, my ailments and my lifestyle that could, and did, contribute to my symptoms.


I felt 100% comfortable discussing with Lucy very personal information even details that did not initially feel like they were at all relative.  I believe that the time that Lucy took initially ultimately assisted in her depth of understanding of me, her treatment of my ailments and the success of those treatments.


She also took time to cover alternative solutions such as diet, ear seeds, preventative actions that I could take on a day-to-day basis and various techniques for changing my behaviours and reactions to exterior influences.


Her passion, knowledge of her subject and commitment shone through leaving me with not only an excellent experience but a belief in this alternative medicine that will ensure that I continue to turn to Eastern medicine as an avenue that I will continue to explore.




Sarah's Story - Bipolar Disease


When Sarah came to see me, she had been diagnosed with bipolar disease nine months previously and had been medicated with olanzapine, an anti-psychotic drug.  She had had a ‘manic episode’ whereby she slept only 2 hours a night but was full of energy and hyperactive and was what she described as ‘an exaggerated version of herself’.  Although she felt on top of the world, she realised that something was wrong when she was unable to calm down, barely slept and had to have a shot of vodka on occasion just to calm herself down enough to face people.  Since being medicated she had improved dramatically; however, she didn’t want to take mood stabilizers for the rest of her life, which was what the psychiatrists told her she had to do. 


She had tried to come off olanzapine several times and every time her symptoms came back within 2 or 3 weeks.  When she came to see me she had made complete changes to her diet and exercise routine.  She had cut out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, stopped smoking and put herself on a diet high in omega 3’s. 


When I first saw her, she had made the dietary changes and had been off the olanzapine for 2 weeks.  She was quite fidgety and distracted and said that she could feel her symptoms coming back but they were currently under control.  She was concerned that her symptoms would come back without the medication, and that is why she sought my help.  Initially she came for weekly treatment, and in the first few weeks she found it very difficult without the medication.  However, she stuck with it all and gradually noticed that she was: able to sleep well and more deeply, felt calmer in herself, less irritable, more able to concentrate and focus and generally felt better in herself. 


After 5 sessions she had seen a significant improvement and was able to come only as and when she felt she needed a treatment.  After 9 sessions, she said that she feels calmer than she’s been for a long, long time and feels able to live a normal life.  Her ability to stay strong and stick with tough dietary and lifestyle measures no doubt also played an important part in her recovery. 


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