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Muscle Dysfunction


After an accident a generalized muscle dysfunction developed that made walking very difficult, and problems with my hands and arms caused difficulties with various activities on a daily basis. Despite many hospital visits, MRI scans, X-rays and various tests, the condition remained undiagnosed and did not improve.


More than four years later I was made aware that acupuncture may help with my condition and I contacted Lucy to discuss the problem and arrange treatment. Initially this was weekly and then increased to two and three times a week. After about 6 weeks and 10 treatments it was incredible to see for the first time in several years full muscle function being regained and with the ability to walk at least 6 miles (about 10km) without difficulty. After that time some further treatment was occasionally necessary to maintain the muscle function, but at other times this returned without any treatment. Unfortunately after two to three years other health problems developed and as the muscle dysfunction had returned at that time I decided to stop acupuncture treatment for a while. I have no doubts however that the level of mobility I enjoyed over a long period of time would not have happened without acupuncture.


I have been impressed by the professionalism and extent of knowledge shown by Lucy, and most especially by the enthusiasm shown in her efforts to help the patient. To anyone considering acupuncture I would have no hesitation in suggesting they contact Lucy to discuss treatment (I found the needling painless!), my only regret being not starting treatment sooner.



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