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Secondary Infertility 

I came to see Lucy after trying for a second child for 4 years- this was my last resort before going down the IVF route. I was classed as having unexplained infertility which has been very frustrating. We paid to have some fertility treatment which was unsuccessful. After exploring other options I came across fertility acupuncture and put my trust in this. I spoke with Lucy and was very positive and reassuring she could help me and so I chose to give it a go. Lucy is a great listener when this is such an emotional rollercoaster and really does care about your situation. Acupuncture is a really strange experience but I actually enjoyed it and made me feel so calm and relaxed by the end of it. Lucy knows exactly what treatment and method to use. Each week Lucy would find a change within my tongue and would tweak the treatment to suit me. I could feel the movements from the needles flowing round my body, it really is a unique experience.

After only a 3 month session all our wishes came true and I now currently 15 weeks pregnant. I can’t thank Lucy enough for resetting my body back to working how it should be. It really does work and I never thought it would happen after all these years. 


Fertility and Irregular Cycles


I began acupuncture with Lucy to treat irregular and very heavy cycles and help with infertility. I had sessions once a week for 3 months and found Lucy very reassuring, helpful and sympathetic. I am not great with needles, but found Lucy's manner and expertise helped me to relax with the treatments. My cycles have become regular again following treatment and I have also found that acupuncture made me feel a lot calmer and more relaxed emotionally. After each treatment, I felt what I can only describe as 'lighter', as if a lot of the stress of the infertility journey had lifted. I would highly recommend Lucy's treatments to anyone going through similar issues.  



35 years old

(Since writing this testimonial, Fiona is enjoying a healthy pregnancy!)


Migraines, Fertility & Heavy Periods


I visited Lucy for acupuncture sessions and always found her to be extremely friendly and made me feel completely at ease. She is a great listener and offers practical lifestyle advice in addition to the expert treatment. She is wholly professional and explains what and why she is giving the relevant treatment.


I always left her sessions feeling calm, tranquil, recharged and ready to take on the world again. She offered a relaxing, safe and healing atmosphere. She helped with my stress levels along with frequency and management of migraines and ease my heavy periods. I also attribute her care and treatment to the result of two healthy pregnancies.


I would highly recommend Lucy and her services.



35 years old


Cough, Period Pain & Swollen Breasts


I have had problems with my lungs for years and every time I went through a climate change I would get a cough and couldn’t get rid of it or at least my immune system couldn’t fight it, so every time I had to take antibiotics. So when I came back home to Roatan, an island in the Carribbean, I came down with another cough.  I had it for 2 month when I met Lucy and she offered me to treat it with acupuncture and since I had it before I was comfortable trying it.



So we had our first session where she checks your general health issues, take a very interesting tongue diagnose and than decides where to put the needles. So after the first session nothing has changed so we did a second session and that did wonder, my cough loosened up right away, I had a better breathing and I just coughed occasionally. To make it heal we had a third session and my cough was completely gone. Even when I went back to Europe shortly after I got a cold again but I was through with it in 2-3 days which usually takes me over a week, so I could see my immune system was a lot better.


Since Lucy was around and her acupuncture really seemed to help we decided she would treat me for 2 more issues, one was period pain and the other was swollen glands in my breast for about a year, it might sounds strange but both issues were gone after only one treatment, even after 5 month later I still haven’t gotten any period pain neither do I have swollen glands anymore. 


So honestly it took her 1 treatment to get rid of swollen glands in my breast and period pain and I am asking myself why to go and see a western doctor at all if someone can help me in such an easy and unpainful way for even little things they bother you.  I can highly recommend Lucy! I had a lot of acupuncture before but Lucy was by far the best, the way she puts the needles in, the way she pays attention to you and your needs and how she really cares about you and your health issues. She makes you feel like you are the most important patient and you feel absolutely comfortable.


One thing I always wondered was why people ask if it hurts to put needles into their body, well don’t I go to see Lucy because I am in pain and want to get rid of it? So can we not bear a few little needles poking into my body for another pain which will disappear after that…but to answer anyone's question, no it does not hurt, just sometimes you have a little feeling of discomfort but for the chance to get rid of a much bigger issue or pain!



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