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Stress and Anxiety


Since having acupuncture, I felt more in control, my headaches disappeared and I felt less anxious. I was also able to focus much more whilst at work. I am also studying part-time for a degree and after being treated my ability to retain information improved as well as my concentration level.


I received about 5 sessions in total, and even after the first session was aware of an improvement.


I feel much better in mind, body an spirit with increased energy levels and better concentration.


I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture to anyone, and do!!! Although I had my doubts at first, I am a convert and now turn to acupuncture before considering chemical alternatives.


Jessica, 28


Stress Related Symptoms


Lucy treated me during 2013 for stress related symptoms including digestive disorders, psoriasis, sinus/catarrh problems and emotional distress. I have nothing but praise for her - both for her professional expertise, ethics, and client relating skills. Her acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine skills undoubtedly helped me enormously when life was enormously painful and I was at a very low ebb. This together with her  supportive nature which helped me hold onto my belief in myself and my future, at a time when I was almost too exhausted to hold onto my own positivity.


Lucy's personality makes her shine out as an absolute 'natural' for her work as a Practitioner, something which (in my opinion as a retired therapist and therapy teacher) is equally important, beneficial and healing to her patients, as any therapy involved.


Despite being very sad to see Lucy leaving the UK, I know she has great things ahead of her and she will help so very many people, wherever she goes. That surety gives fills me with warmth and happiness – which is healing for me also! Thank you Lucy and good luck!


Barb, Oxfordshire, UK

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